Hard, Painful, Pea Sized Lump Under Skin on Forearm: Causes, Symptoms

Lumps which occur under the skin on the forearm usually arise from a host of factors. If you’ve spotted one or two, take a quick visit to any medical practitioner and you’ll be informed that the probable causes are infections, injuries, and tumors.

What does this all truly mean? Is there reason to get worried? Not at all. Apparently, in most scenarios, the lumps are typically not serious enough to require urgent medical aid. That said, prompt diagnosis is necessary just for ratification purposes.

Hard Lump on Forearm

Ordinarily, when lumps arise under the skin, they do so without intrusion or sounding any alarm bells. You might even fail to notice them from lack of pain.

Still, it’s worth noting that this isn’t a universal concept. At times, agonizing conditions like arthritis may come up and when that knocks on the door, you need to be braced to bear with the agony. Arthritis can be quite excruciating when it appears at the forearm near the elbow. Because of intimate proximity to the elbow, you might find your forearm movement inhibited.

In our analysis today, we’ll be reviewing the most common causes of hard lumps on the forearm. While this guide is cocksure to be helpful in your pursuit of fitness, vigor, and health, we recommend checking in with a physician for a comprehensive dissection.

Painful Lump on Forearm muscle

Aah, the muscles. They’re quite susceptible to getting painful hard lumps on the forearm. This may have a lot to do with there being plenty of stretching which happens in the muscle region.

If you spot a lump exactly 30 minutes after an injury, you need to see a doctor stat. These pros may be your saving grace from the unendurable pain, inflammation and lack of locomotion in the arm.

Here are the most plausible causes of painful lumps on the forearm muscle:

  • Muscle Injuries—As you bob about your day or during intense workout sessions, the muscles and ligaments that hold your forearms together can strain or tear. While strains are relatively mild and easy to handle, torn muscles can be quite intense which means that you need to seek the opinion of a medic with immediacy.
  • Hematoma—most reported incidences of hematomas show a crimson, scarlet or a bluish cobalt hue under the skin. Normally, hematomas aren’t very serious which means that they can be resolved in a matter of weeks. Having pointed that out, its best practice to compress on the lump within 24 hours after its materialization.
  • Forearm bone Bruise—The impact of blunt objects on the skin can cause hard lumps on the forearm. luckily, this scenario also speedily resolves by itself. To be on the safe side though, it’s recommended to get a diagnosis to avert a situation where you’re carrying around a fractured forearm bone unknowingly.

Pea sized Lump in Forearm

It’s totally acceptable to be concerned if you behold a small lump or a soft lump in the forearm that rapidly grows in size. They’re archetypal with cancerous lumps.

Truthfully speaking though, it’s quite rare that pea sized lumps in the forearm are definitely cancerous. Here’s a breakdown of common forearm tumors:


Lipomas characteristically start off as soft, elastic, and moveable pea sized lumps in the forearm preceding further development. This mutation may see them gain mass to achieve as much as 5 centimeters in diameter. Since this is atypical, you need to be awfully concerned when you realize such a development.


This growth thrives in connective tissues. While there’s no established cause on what leads to their advancement, most reported incidents prove that fibromas emerge after some irritation.

It’s also worth noting that fibromas are not regularly painful, but they can be tremendously tender when the lump lies abutting a nerve.


These sac-like protuberances are generally not sore. cysts are also somewhat moveable when touched. Since circumstances vary, some cysts may keep growing while others may remain stagnated. Medical attention is mandatory if you’re vying to get rid of a cyst.


These protrusions are rusty, pecan colored and commonplace. If they unfold in developmental years, it’s highly preposterous that they’ll continue growing once you hit your magical 20s of your fleeting youth.


Hpv (human papillomavirus) is habitually responsible for the formation of repulsive warts. On the outside, warts appear as a fleshy growth which blends in with skin color.

While warts are customarily not dangerous, some medical attention may be desirable.

Lump Under Skin on Forearm

A soft lump on the forearm skin can be a symptom of a boil. Since boils arise from jammed hair follicles and glands, there’s a fair chance that staphylococcus bacteria may be responsible for the obstruction.

Given just how adept the body’s immunity is at shielding itself from contaminants, it frequently attacks any microbial strains it spots. When this happens, you may notice dead cells and pus around the forearm.

Folliculitis is another probable cause of lumps under the skin on forearms. This condition is brought about by the swelling of hair follicles.



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