Hard, Massive, Pea sized Lump on Forehead and Under Skin: Causes and Removal Guides

When unsightly characteristic surfaces on our faces, we flip our lid. Thoughts like, “Is this fate? Will I be disfigured?” emerge from our psyche to torture us. But like most things in life, our brains overreact to what is usually no big deal.

Here we will examine potential causes on varying lumps on the forehead.

What Causes a Hard Lump on Forehead?

The density is the first checkpoint to determine the cause and whether or not you need to seek medical attention. A hard lump on the forehead is most often caused by trauma like knocking the head on furniture, violence, or a nasty fall.

A goose egg on the forehead will heal itself after a while, but if you exhibit any of the following symptoms get an examination to rule out brain damage or a concussion:

  • You are suddenly sleepy. An old myth or misunderstanding about concussions is that you shouldn’t go to sleep, but the health communities have changed their tune about that.
  • Weird mood or personality behavior. Traumatic brain injuries can cause a person to act erratically. If you observe yourself or witness someone else acting strangely with a bump on their forehead, seek medical help.
  • Nausea. This is a common symptom of concussion when paired with an injury.
  • Mismatched pupils. A blow to the skull can negatively affect the brain’s ability to evenly dilate the eyes to accept light.

If none of these above signs are present and/or the bump isn’t a result of a collision between your head and another object, the cause of the spot might be something else.

How to Reduce Lump Swelling

Blood rushes to an injury to deliver healing nutrients and proteins. It is a necessary function, but it can be uncomfortable and unappealing. To minimize lump swelling after impact, apply an ice pack. Anti-inflammatory drugs can also be beneficial.

Soft Lump on Forehead Under Skin

A squishy growth on the face has a few common sources. The soft lump varies from the hard in a distinct way to the touch. Below are some causes of that style of problem on forehead under the skin.

Cyst. A fluid-filled sac is the evidence of the body’s toxic removal process. These bubbles filled with yellow, white, or clear liquids are a response to unwanted stimuli on the surface of the skin or just underneath it. Sometimes they will disappear autonomously, but a doctor can lance the area if it is painful.

Frontal Sinusitis. An infection in the sinuses can cause swelling and inflammation on the face and forehead. It can sometimes develop into a puffy area that resembles the feel and sensitivity of a bruise. You might think you forgot that you walked into a door, but it is really an inflamed sinus cavity.

Massive Lump on Forehead: Is It a Lymphoma Lump?

Anytime a part of your body can be described as a massive lump, it is time to see your doctor. Size alone isn’t an indicator of a terminal diagnosis, but untreated complications will continue to increase in severity. Could that spot be a lymphoma lump though?

First, let’s discuss what lymphoma actually is. It is a rare form of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (which has one of the highest rates in the U.S. with an estimated 74,000 diagnosis annually). Lymphoma derives from lymphocytes cells that are linked to the lymphatic system. Sometimes these erupt on the facial skin or in the lymph nodes scattered throughout the face.

A skin outbreak can be accompanied by:

  • Peeling or flaking
  • Itchy rash
  • Lesions (shaped like mushrooms)
  • Fevers
  • Unexplained weight loss

Is this Small Bony Lump a Calcified Lump?

Occasionally the body does odd things to protect or heal itself. Finding a small bony lump can make you uneasy, especially in a delicate area. A calcified lump can be a signal for the following:

Osteoid Osteoma. This is a benign tumor that grows on the bone, in this case the skull or the frontal bone. These mature slowly and aren’t a concern unless the spot causes pain or grief.

Osteosarcoma. When early development bone cells go awry, it can escalate into cancer. This culmination of cancer occurs most often in children and teenagers, theoretically because they are more actively producing bone cells than adults.

Removal of Pea Sized Lump on Forehead

Treatment must be matched to the specific lump. In many instances, no action needed. But if the pea sized lump on your forehead is troublesome, here are solutions based on the source.

A cyst can be be cured with an injection, drainage procedure, lasers, medication, or surgery.

Bone growth can be surgical sanded down or removed.

Lymphoma can be cut out surgically. Post-op chemotherapy or radiation might be recommended by an oncologist.

Removing White Lumps on Hairline

Oils, products, and dead skin cells buildup up naturally on the hairline. The border makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and pollutants to clog pores. That’s why you might find little white lumps in these areas.

Removing acne is simple, but not always easy. Try a few of the following and if you need more extreme measures, see a dermatologist.

Exfoliating regularly. A slightly rough scrub will eliminate the top layer of skin which is comprised of mostly deceased cells. It the first preventative step in keeping pores breathing fresh air.

Take makeup off at night. If you are leaving cosmetics on your face all night long, you are asking for pimples. Add in a gentle cleanser to your nightly routine to see fast results.

Switch products. Acne can also be an allergic reaction. Try to eliminate products until you nail down the culprit.



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