Hard Lumps Under Skin, in Belly Fat, on Back, Legs, in Abdominal Fat: How to dissolve

Americans are obsessed with losing fat. Just take 10 seconds from your day to notice all the messaging targeted towards people to lose weight, melt fat, and drops pounds. Because of our collective psyche, a fatty lump can be extra psychologically damaging and shameful. It’s not enough that we are already overweight, but now we have extra fat making us ugly too?

That’s not how anyone should live, so let us talk about the subject to offer perspective.

What Causes Fat Lumps Under Skin

The medical terminology is lipoma for those squishy little nuggets under the skin. The causes are fully understood by the medical industry, but if they are true lipomas they are benign (not cancerous).

While we can’t exactly pinpoint what causes these abnormalities to form, there are symptoms of fat lumps under the skin, including:

  • Soft, squishy bump
  • Bump moves underneath the skin when you push it
  • Colorless, pale (not filled with any visible blood or pus)
  • Grows slowly

Certain conditions or genetic predispositions can increase your risk of developing lipomas like:

  • Family history. Inheriting a faulty gene from your lineage is called familial multiple lipomatosis.
  • Cowden Syndrome. Classified by multiple non-cancerous tumors called hamartomas. An unfortunate side-effect is that sufferers are more likely to develop cancer.
  • Gardner’s Syndrome. A rare genetic condition that causes initial benign growths all over the body. Some are under the skin and others root into organs or bones.
  • Adiposis Dolorosa. This disease causes fatty folds and deposits. It is most common in women age 35 to 50 that are obese.
  • Madelung’s Disease. This condition spurs extreme lipomatosis across the upper body.

Hard Lumps of Fat Under Skin on the Legs

Lipoma occurs most often on the back, neck, or shoulders, but can pop up other locations. Hard lumps of fat under the skin can also appear on stomach, arms, or on the legs.

When hard lumps of fat under the skin appear on the legs, it is not typically a reason for concern. If the lump is soft and not painful, you can leave it be. Lumps that appear on joints and are painful could be an issue to bring up to your doctor.

For example, one kind of growth that can develop behind the knee is the popliteal cyst. Sometimes referred to as a Baker’s cyst, it is a fluid-filled sac that can restrict movement. It is often related to arthritis. It doesn’t generally generate permanent damage but it can be uncomfortable.

Cellulite is the appearance of bumpy skin caused by uneven fat deposits under the skin’s surface. The most common place to have cellulite is on the thighs.

Diseases the Fat Lumps in the Stomach Mimic

Issues in the torso alarm a lot of people because that is where our bodies house some of our most vital organs. Because of this, you should seek advisement if you locate weird lumps in your abdominal fat.

Fat lumps in the stomach could be:

  • A hernia
  • A hematoma. A bruise-like happening where red blood cells outside of the blood vessel.
  • Cellulite

Treatment Options for Lumps in Abdominal Fat

The proper course of action will be chosen depending on the diagnosis. The following are common treatments for lumps in abdominal fat possibilities:

A hernia almost always have to be corrected with surgery.

A lipoma doesn’t require intervention unless the location or size cause pain or discomfort. It can be removed with an outpatient procedure.

Hematomas clear up on their own after a few weeks. You can ice the area to reduce swelling and pain.

Medicine or beauty haven’t nailed down the perfect cure for cellulite yet. Lasers, creams, massage, and other spa treatments offer promises to reduce the appearance.

How to Dissolve Fat Lumps Under Skin on the Back

We can’t see with our eyes what is happening on our backside. Sometimes it takes our spouse or physician to notice a weirdness on our back. Once those spots are identified, determining how to dissolve fat lumps under the skin on your back can be challenging.

Maybe you don’t care because it is out of sight, out of mind. Perhaps you want to seek out nutritional, medicinal, or surgical options.

Medical vs. Alternatives Therapies for Fat Lumps in Belly Fat

Medical interventions lean towards drugs and surgery. A few lumps in belly fat may not compel some people to go under the knife or put chemicals into their body. There is nothing wrong with a medical path, but we wanted to offer alternative therapies that lean a bit more natural and less invasive.

  • Weight loss. Being overweight has a strong statistical correlation with the development of fat lumps in belly fat.
  • Apple cider vinegar. Studies show that apple cider vinegar could be beneficial in slowly fat distribution.

Medical options that aren’t traditional surgery or pills:

  • Liposuction. Just like this procedure sucks out surface level fat, it can remove overgrown fatty deposits as well.
  • Steroid injection. A shot of steroid hormones have shown to shrink the fatty tumors, although they can come back or reappear in a different spot with this treatment.


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