Hard, Big, Painful, Small or White Lump Under Tongue: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment.

Whether an ulcer, sore or a blister, lesions on the tongue or in mouth disturb many people worldwide, and it’s nothing to be humiliated by! Sometimes these lumps and bumps appear without warning or comprehension, and can cause dismay or confusion for the sufferer – especially if magnified and painful.

The fact is, many white lumps or swollen lumps aren’t corrupting and won’t impair your oral or general health whatsoever. However, airing on the side of caution is imperative if anything peculiar appears on your body, even painless lumps, as they could suggest something more perilous. So to learn all you need about tongue lumps, this article fully explains all integral facts with pictures for reference.

What Causes a Lump Under Tongue?

There’s no orderly answer to this question, as the sheer diversity of tongue lumps makes it unthinkable to stipulate one sole cause. A lump under tongue can be caused by an enormous quantity of offbeat reasons, whether an infection, allergy, mouth injury or in somber cases mouth cancer.

But don’t panic forthwith if you notice an unanticipated lesion, lump or spot on or under your tongue. Many are unconditionally innocent and won’t cause long-term health complaints. Whilst potentially painful and obnoxious looking, the chances of your tongue lump being malignant are minimal. However, it’s still important to consult your doctor if frightened.

What’s the Hard Lump Under My Tongue?

Potentially one of the most serious symptoms of tongue lumps is hardness, as this is a sign of a cancerous lesion. Not to say you’re guaranteed to be diagnosed with tongue cancer if you notice a hard lump within the area, just that it’s conceivably more likely if hard to touch with no flexible suppleness.

Another symptom of this condition is if your lump is remarkably painless, as many other relatively harmless nodules exhibit pain. In fact, this is why many mistake painful tongue lumps for something sinister, simply because of the unbearable pain they’re experiencing – when the truth is the total reverse. If you’ve had a hard tongue lump for longer than 2 weeks, visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment options.

Treatment Options For Hard Tongue Lumps

If settled as tongue cancer, hard tongue lumps can be treated in multiple ways with many showing monumental signs of success. The initial course is typically surgery, especially if the lump is easy to view and access. But if hidden underneath the tongue base, lymph node removal may be necessary if spread to the neck. A combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is also likely to be administered for targeting any stray carcinogenic cells.

What Are Big Lumps Under My Tongue?

Typically, bulkier lumps under the tongue are generated from extravagant swelling. The vast majority of bumps tend to be smaller lumps, meaning an excessively large lump is likely to have an element of swelling involved. Due to this, allergies are a common offender for sizeable tongue lumps, and may require speedy medical assistance if severe. Many allergy-related lumps will dissipate on their own accord, but if your entire tongue suddenly swells without warning and you’re struggling to breathe, seeking sbrupt attention is paramount to avoid fatal anaphylactic shock.

Common Causes of Small White Lumps Under Tongue

We’ve thus far addressed the most worrisome tongue lump of all in addition to allergy-related lesions, but you’re yet to discover the most common type of lump. Characterized as being white in color with hints of red swollen tissue and even yellowish pus, canker sores are by far the most prevalent mouth bumps.

Generally dreadfully painful and smarting to touch, canker sores aren’t considered harmful but they can cause intense soreness for the sufferer – especially on the tongue. Eating and drinking becomes increasingly difficult, with the presence of hot foods or beverages causing marked stinging pains. Luckily, most canker sores don’t require medical input and fade away on their own. But if you’re experiencing chronic pain and are unable to live life as normal, visit your doctor to receive remedy recommendations.

Are My Tongue Lumps Infectious?

If you’ve contracted a tongue lump as a result of injury (accidental biting or burns from hot consumables), you could be at greater risk of developing infection. If the bump in question is visibly swollen, this could signal infectious tendencies.

And if the lump is accompanied with raging fever in which your temperature fluctuates and you’re feeling strangely unwell, visit a professional doctor immediately. If feverish symptoms begin within a day of the lump occurring, this could be a sign of weighty infection.

Can Tongue Lumps Be Sexually Transmitted?

With regard to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), many utterly disregard the mouth and simply assume they’re only present on the genitals. But this couldn’t be further from the truth, and it’s vital you understand the importance of safe sex in protecting your oral health. Spreadable by the mere exchange of saliva, getting tested is crucial to prevent spreading further infections to other sexual partners.

The most common STI’s responsible for generating tongue lumps are syphilis and herpes. Herpes generally tends to affect the lips in the form of cold sores, but inner mouth and tongue lesions can also occur. Syphilis tends to be more serious, and can be potentially fatal if left untreated.



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