Get Rid Of Genital Warts during Pregnancy on genital area: causes, treatment.

Somehow, unfortunately enough, you have observed some little cauliflowers on or around your vagina while you are pregnant. With close inspection on pictures and symptoms, you have come to a conclusion that these are genital warts you are dealing with and not a simple pimple on the pubic area. Now, you are wondering if the warts can harm your baby or if they can be removed.

Two quick answers for these questions are no and yes. Let’s get to the details below.

Causes and can genital warts affect pregnancy

Genital and vaginal warts are caused by a strain of HPV. There are more than 100 different species of virus belonging to the HPV family.

The warts that develop on the genitals are caused by a different strain from the one that causes common warts, white spots on the skin and so on. In any case, 100 is a large number to choose from.

So can genital warts affect pregnancy? As far as actually harming your baby, it is only in rare cases that genital warts causal virus has been transferred to a baby at birth. Even if it was to happen, the baby will develop oral warts especially on the throat. They will resemble a canker sore on the throat and usually take about 6 months to appear. It is a rare but serious condition.

If you are wondering if they can be removed, the answer is yes but it is not recommended. In fact, don’t ever attempt it at home. We will come to the details of how the warts can be removed.

Complications related to genital and vaginal warts during pregnancy

Vaginal warts have been observed to proliferate much faster during pregnancy. This is associated to the wet conditions present in the vagina during pregnancy. Changes in hormone levels also contribute. You can browse through some pictures available for the same and see the difference.

Only in cases where very large warts have developed will major complications set in. For example, such warts are likely to cause an overwhelming urge to scratch them. This will cause blisters and open sores. Thereafter, urinating and other vaginal care practices will always be painful.

Some vaginal warts have been observed to spread to the walls of the vagina. This interferes with how much stretching will be possible when giving birth.

Can vaginal and genital warts during pregnancy cause cancer?

The strain of HPV that gives vaginal warts is not usually associated with cancer of the cervix or even with miscarriages.

However, cancer of the cervix is very much encouraged by the presence of some HPV. It is for this reason that you should get medical attention especially if you have genital warts during pregnancy.

Infections caused by members of the HPV family should always receive medical attention. Although vaginal warts themselves may be not harmful to your or your baby, their cousins can be pretty dangerous. Apart from cancer of the cervix, they have also been known to cause birth complications and premature deliveries. Some may even start as a simple birthmark and get complicated later.

How to get rid of genital warts during pregnancy; removal and treatment

When it comes to how to get rid of genital warts during pregnancy, few options, unfortunately, are available. For one, you are not advised to use over the counter removal products. You will be risking worse vaginal infections and pain.

In a clinic, you may first need to have a pap smear. The doctor will use it to determine if you have any symptoms of cancer or other HPV infections.

After that, the vaginal warts will be examined. If the doctor feels that they pose a risk of any kind to either you or the baby, they can go ahead and suggest a removal or treatment method.

In most cases, non-medication approaches will be used. Such include cryotherapy, excision or burning them off. These are popular methods to get rid of skin tags and warts.

Genital warts during pregnancy removal at home

Although it is not advised, you can use tea tree oil for skin tags and genital warts during pregnancy removal at home. The remedy is usually very mild so it won’t cause harm to your genital area.

It is also an antiviral and antibacterial. It can help prevent vaginal infections. All the same, you can end up doing more harm to the genital area in attempt to treat genital warts during pregnancy at home.

Pictures for genital warts during pregnancy

Even after having seen a doctor, some descriptive illustrations of genital warts during pregnancy can help in one way or another.

They can help you identify some symptoms of impending complications. For example, vaginal warts that have spread in and outer of the vaginal walls may call for Cesarean deliveries.

Many such pictures, even video illustrations, can be accessed online today. Just take advantage of any resource you have to ensure that you undergo a successful pregnancy and delivery.