Doterra and Oregano Oils to remove Skin Tags, Warts and Moles.

Doterra, a memorable and unusual name, derived from the Latin meaning, ‘gift of the earth’. Doterra is an American company whose founding objective was to harness the power of nature’s bounty specifically, to centralise in a hub health-giving oils which are benchmarked to a defined standard. Witness the birth of CPTG or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

This guarantees the harvesting and distillation process ensuring the end consumer can be confident there is no contamination and no chemical additives or synthetic fillers. Importantly, this also safeguards the consistency of source and quality hence you can use the same oil repeatedly without any variation in consistency. Doterra was founded in May 2008 based on a unique fusion of ideals which was to professionally source and market essential oils and associated health products with an ultimate vision of ensuring access to all and standardising quality, ethical commercialism.

What Doterra oil is recommended as being good for skin tags?

Doterra supports the use of oils in all manner of ways including ingestion, infusion and topical application. For skin tags, it is commonplace to apply an oil to the tag. Here is a selection from Doterra.

Melaleuca – better known by its other title of tea tree oil. Used by the Aborigines in Australia for centuries for its noted skin benefits, this oil is strong, just use one or two drops. Use a base oil such as jojoba or coconut to disperse it.

Frankincense – an offering by the Three Wise Men in the Christmas story, this truly ancient gift from the gods is retailed by Doterra as a handy roll-on applicator. Already blended for you, the sharp spicy fragrance will invigorate your senses as well as dry up your skin tag.

Lavender – also retailed in a roll-on format, this smart looking tube will look like a lipstick or perfume in your handbag, so quick and convenient to apply to the target area with a delicious light scent.

Doterra has a supreme gamut of oils which are good for skin tags to help you get rid of these annoying and fairly pointless additions to our bodies, using a natural cure harvested from our environment, the best green remedy for you and the planet.


Does Doterra sell essential oils for warts?

Warts, mostly viral, are an unpopular and unsolicited guest, particularly in children. Rest assured that Doterra essential oils for warts can help with treating this annoying occurrence.

Try Cinnamon Bark to boost your immune response, on your skin and tasty in your daily coffee or Cypress which has other multiple health benefits.

Benefit from Doterra essential oils for moles

Mole removal carries a strict caveat and should not be contemplated until the mole have been examined by a skin specialist. If qualified professional confirmation is received that the blemish is harmless, just cosmetically unappealing, then Doterra can offer essential oils to purchase to remove your moles.

Oregano oil and its uses for skin tags

Did you know that oregano is actually related to mint? Makes a bit more sense now to see it as a source of essential oil like its cousin, peppermint. Oregano is certainly fragrant and most people recognise it as a herbal flavouring in Italian cookery dishes, so you can eat it but did you know you can also wear it? Medicinally, there doesn’t seem to be anything that oregano oil cannot remedy. It is antibiotic, anti-fungal, lowers cholesterol and can aid weight loss, that is if you don’t go too heavy on the pasta and pizza! Notably, oregano oil contains Carvacrol, a phenol which inhibits the growth of bacteria. Thymol is the defence against fungus and toxins and Rosmairinic acid protects against damaging free radicals. So is oregano oil any good for skin tags?

Oregano oil tends to be favoured as a pre and post skin tag removal therapy – it is very easy to learn how to use it. Dab the tag with a few drops of oil which have the dual benefit of cleansing the area and numbing it simultaneously, then pull the tag taut and tie either fine cotton or dental floss around it. Cut off the loose threads and then apply oregano oil three times a day allowing to dry before covering. The tag will darken in colour to a reddish purple before dying and dropping away.

How about oregano oil for stubbornly persistent plantar warts?

Plantar equals feet whereas palmar warts are to be found on the hands. Plantar warts colonise on areas of the feet where there is pressure so typically, the heels from footwear and the balls of the feet where they can be inaccessible, covered with thick callouses. Caused by HPV, Human Papillomavirus, oregano oil is an effective but not necessarily swift resolution for plantar warts. But warts can take a boringly long time to disappear however you choose to treat them. Oregano oil must be diluted in a carrier oil as it is very powerful neat.

Should oregano oil be used to remove moles?

Nothing should be used to remove moles until they have been assessed by an experienced skin specialist. However, if the green flag is raised then oregano oil as a device to remove moles seems to attract promising reviews. It is natural, progressive but must be watered down in a carrier oil like lavender.



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