Celebrities with Vitiligo: Michael Jackson, Joe Rogan, Jon Hamm and others

Vitiligo makes you feel alone, sad, depressed, afraid and isolated. You don’t want to socialize, go out restaurants, the theater, malls, or even work in public because you have people staring or steering clear of you because they think you suffer from a communicable disease. However, you are not alone. It sometimes helps to know that famous people also have vitiligo but they don’t let it stop them. In fact, when you learn that a celebrity has the disorder then you and even compare before and after pictures to see the diseases’ progression.

Celebrities with Vitiligo are Coming Forward

People who suffer from vitiligo are not lepers. The days of isolating people on islands who were visibly different are over. Nowadays, celebrities with vitiligo are coming forward to let their fans and others know that they are not alone.

Michael Jackson Vitiligo Announcement

The fans of the King of Pop watched him go from a dark African American to a white as a ghost Caucasian. Fans felt betrayed and screamed that the singer wanted to be a white man and was ashamed of his black heritage. They weighed their assumptions on the fact that Michael Jackson had also undergone a multitude of plastic surgeries to reduce the width of his nose, increase his cheekbones, cleft his chin, and shrink his robust lips. However, Michael Jackson finally announced to reporters he was suffering from vitiligo. Many theorized that vitiligo was why Michael Jackson had started to wear the iconic white glove. His hand covering was an attempt to hide the white skin patches that had developed on his fingers, hand, and wrist. Jackson’s autopsy report showed that he suffered from vitiligo. He had had his eyebrows tattooed black and his lips tattooed pink to hide the telltale white spots.

Prince Jackson Vitiligo Shocker

Recent photos have emerged of Michael Jackson’s son at the beach. The Prince Jackson Vitiligo shocker emerged when photos of the 13-year-old were published showing the boy at the beach in Hawaii. The telltale white discolorations could be seen under his right arm. A diagnosis of vitiligo would lend credence to Michaels constant claim of being the father to Prince.

Many have said the boy was adopted and not Michael’s biological son, but vitiligo is predominately genetic. Recently, Michael’s sister LaToya has confirmed the boy’s condition.

Standup Comedian Joe Rogan Vitiligo

Joe Rogan doesn’t let his condition get him down. The outlandish, funny standup comedian Joy Rogan vitiligo diagnoses gave him fuel for his jokes. His condition is mainly on his hands and wrists.

Actress Tamar Braxton Vitiligo

The star of Braxton Family Values has become a household favorite. Actress Tamar Braxton Vitiligo has been a part of her life since childhood. She had a hard time with the diagnosis and self-esteem but she abstained from bleaching her skin. Instead, she tans.

Oscar Nominee Quvenzhané Wallis Vitiligo

The young nine-year-old start of ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ was nominated for an Oscar. She was the youngest starlet to ever be bestowed with such an honor. Nowadays, Quvenzhané Wallis vitiligo diagnosis doesn’t get her down. She has even become the star of the modern version of ‘Annie’. She has even published two books and won notoriety as a talented author.

Jamaican Winnie Harlow Vitiligo

Diagnosed at only four years old, Winnie Harlow was bullied throughout her school years both emotionally and physically. Winny Harlow Vitiligo YouTube video garnered over 150,000 hits in one day.

The journalist who depicted her story in the video encouraged her to become a black model. Now Winny has skyrocketed to fame as a leading model because the camera has a love affair with the striking beauty.

Baseball Great Sammy Sosa Vitiligo

Many are following the path of Michael Jackson by bleaching their skin. Sammy Sosa vitiligo is being hidden through facial bleaching. He is now using lightening creams to create a snowy complexion. Few would guess his Dominican Republican ancestry. Facial skin-bleaching products are not revolutionary. In India, men and women rub them on to look like Bollywood heroes and heroines. The industry attained over 300 million dollars in sales last year and the market is projected to explode. Light complexions reflect power, beauty, and money.

Actor Jon Hamm Vitiligo

A respected Emmy winner, Jon Hamm is making waves across the globe. Jon Hamm vitiligo signs are on his hands. He doesn’t let the discoloration stop him.

In fact, he is considered a heartthrob. He developed the condition after he was awarded the part on Mad Men. He feels that stress spurred the autoimmune disorder to manifest.

Baggage Claim Cator Terrence J Vitiligo

Most people know the black actor from Baggage Claim. Terrence J vitiligo diagnosis came as a shock. He started to show concern for his health, but it didn’t stop the actor. He has penned his first bestseller.

Rapper and Leading Music Artist Krizz Kaliko Vitiligo

Rapper Krizz Kaliko named his album, ‘Vitiligo’. Krizz Kaliko Vitiligo diagnosis is revealed in his songs where he outlines what it was like to grow up with the skin condition. Many vitiligo sufferers can relate to the vitiligo-based rap lyrics and rhymes.



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