Canker Sore on Tongue, Throat, Lip, Mouth, Tonsils, Face and Eyes.

It’s a common image you may have of the unfortunate kiss or sexual encounter that results in the reoccurring and uncurable blemish of herpes. Because of the highly stigmatized nature of this condition, there is a lot of negative stigmas associated with anything that resembles a blister or pimple near your lips. You might hear people referring to them as a canker sore on the lip, but that is a fallacy.

Is a canker sore on your lip an STD?

Canker sores are internal while cold sores are normally external. There are also some differences which separate them from the dreaded sexually transmitted disease. For one thing, transmission is impossible so you can continue about your life without worried you’re contagious. Second, their appearance is different.

They are normally roundish or oval with a white or yellowish center. The border is a dark pink or red. They will be irritating or painful. Before the formation appears, you can feel burning or tingle where the aphthous ulcers will bud.

Where can you get a canker sore in your mouth?

These sores are internal formations. They can manifest virtually anywhere inside your mouth, however, some regions develop more frequently. Canker sores being on or under your tongue are quite common. The inside of your cheeks or lips is a hot spot, especially for teens wearing braces or retainers. You can see them on the back of your throat or the bottom of your gums where the gum meets the flesh of your face.

Can you get a canker sore on your tonsil

The potentially infected regions are not limited to there. You can develop a sore on your tonsil. This can be very painful and the symptoms mimic other diseases associated with a sore, reddened, or inflamed throat. Tonsillitis and strep are two of the common misdiagnoses. You may or may not be able to see it yourself using a cleverly angled mirror. You may need to get a little more creative to get the proper perspective. You need a flashlight and a friend or take pictures with flash on your phone. You may also begin to feel the stinging sensation of outbreak onset when you drink something acidic like orange juice.

What causes canker sores on the tongue, throat, and lips?

No one is totally sure the exact cause of these blemishes. Causes of canker sores on the tongue and other mouth areas have been linked to a list of triggering factors. Food sensitivities are a big one. If your diet contains a lot of acid or spice, this can hurt. Being allergic or sensitive to things like chocolate, coffee, eggs, strawberries, peanuts, tree nuts, and cheese can do this. People may find these occur more frequently when using hygiene products (toothpaste or mouthwash) containing a certain irritating ingredient like sodium lauryl sulfate. If you are lacking certain nutrients in your body chemistry, deficiencies of iron, zinc, and folate (among others) can be to blame.

Underlying conditions, including celiac, inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), and HIV or AIDS, are diagnoses which can make you susceptible. Trauma is also a big factor. Minor injuries from dental work or biting down on the tip of your tongue can do this. This is especially the case when the lesion becomes infected with a virus or bacteria (such as Helicobacter pylori). Hormonal fluctuations or general stress can also be culprits. It’s hard to nail the hammer on this one, but being aware of the emotional and environmental changes surrounding your particular outbreaks can help you better understand what influences impact you.

How to get rid of canker sore on the tongue?

Generally, these unwanted blemishes will diminish on their own or with the help of some mild home remedies which can help facilitate the healing process.

Of course, if you need fast relief, medicine is always an option. A doctor will be able to assess your condition and offer some medical advice.

What is a canker sore on tongue treatments

It’s hard to avoid contact. Even if you favor a side of your mouth or eat slowly, it will touch your tongue. There are some canker sore tongue treatments you can try. Mouth rinses with the steroid dexamethasone or lidocaine can help. Certain coating agents can work as well.

What are canker sore in throat treatments

Generally, these heal on their own and using mouth rinses and topical mouth sprays with benzocaine or phenol can reduce the discomfort. A great remedy is to use a saline rinse. Rinsing warm, salt water is an amazing way to heal throat ailments. It will also help disinfect your mouth. Simply dissolve half a teaspoon of salt into the concoction and dissolve it. Sip some and gently swish it around gently for about 30 seconds. Then spit it out and repeat. Remember, misdiagnosis goes both ways. If you notice you have swollen glands or other symptoms, it may be a more sinister problem that requires prescription medicine. If the sores persist, call the physician.



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