Best Vitamins to prevent Acne: A, E, D, C, D3 and others.

Since before Lucille Ball first acted in the iconic vitameatavegamin I Love Lucy sitcom on the silver screen people have sought out vitamins as a cure-all miracle potent. However vitamins for acne have shown promise. Treating nodules with a healthy and holistic approach appears to be the wave of the future as whole food stores line their shelves with bottles of the best vitamins for acne.

Vitamins for Acne

Taking a multivitamin might be the best insurance policy that you can invest in when it comes to your long term health and living to enjoy your retirement. Most of us can get the vitamins we need from a healthy diet, but many people abstain from whole foods and preservative-free choices so they don’t receive their daily allowance and must turn to supplements.

You are probably wondering what vitamins to take. Well, please continue reading to learn more about the marvels of the many key vitamin components.

Best Vitamins for Acne

What vitamins are good and what ones are bad? This is a frequent question asked naturopathic practitioners. All vitamins are ideal if taken in moderation. Nothing in abundance is perfect. Vitamin a for acne is a leader. Vitamin e for acne also helps reduce the likelihood of scarring. Vitamin d for acne might be something you get from milk and sunshine so you don’t need a pill. Vitamin c for acne either ingested or smoothed directly on the skin is a fantastic miracle.

Taking Vitamin A for Acne

Vitamin supplements are a must-have if you are battling blemishes. Vitamin A is what they call a fat-soluble retinoid. Many things are Vitamin A such as popular retinol, retinyl esters, and retinal. Did you know that your eyes are the biggest users of Vitamin A? In order to have 20/20 vision you must have rhodopsin which is a crucial protein required to absorb light into your retinal receptors. The conjunctival membranes along with the cornea thrive on it. You also need Vitamin A for your skin’s cell growth. Without it your kidneys, lungs and heart will fail.

Vitamin A can be taken orally or applied in lotions and creams. You can buy it over the counter or receive prescription strength.

Why Take Vitamin E for Acne?

Vitamins good for acne include E as a leader in cell protection. Think of E as a warrior that combats free radicals as a powerful antioxidant. Its mission is to protect your cells from damage and destruction. Cigarette smoke, vaping, air pollution, smog, car emissions, factory discharge, and ultraviolet light all destroy the skin and body. Vitamin e also boosts up the immune system, helps widen blood vessels to prevent clogging and clotting. Popping open a capsule to smooth the liquid directly on a scar also prevents the tissue from becoming worse.

Vitamin D for Acne and Strong Bones

Vitamin D , also called vitamin D3, is a major building block for bone density. It helps the body absorb calcium. Without it you would have thin, fragile, and brittle bones that easily break. In the days of wind and sail, many sailors would develop rickets as a result of insufficient vitamin D. Malnourished and third-world children are also at risk. Osteomalacia can quickly develop in adults. Without Vitamin D your muscles won’t contract because your brain needs the substance to send crucial messages. Your immune system also relies on D to annihilate bacteria such as the ones that cause skin breakouts. A lifetime of inadequate Vitamin D leads to osteoporosis in seniors, especially postmenopausal women.

Vitamin C for Acne and Robust Immunity

Everyone knows if you guzzle orange juice you might not get a cold or have a less severe flu infection. Ascorbic acid (vit C) converts food into energy. It also fights free radicals. Without vitamin C, your body can’t make collagen so your wounds won’t heal well.

Also, vitamin C is used to speed up iron absorption by the body. YOu can take a supplement, eat some citrus, or use it as a lotion but your body will thank you with smoother blemish-free skin.

Vitamins Hormonal Benefits

Vitamin A and D have a reputation for being great hormonal balancers. When you think of vitamins that help balance hormones and assist skin rejuvenation you probably only focus on acne benefits and do not think that even your internal organs rely on healthy cell regeneration to keep from developing carcinomas. Men who have a genetic predisposition towards prostate cancer or women who may carry the gene for ovarian malignancies want to balance their body’s hormonal output while also encouraging healthy cell division. Vitamins A and D are both promising.

Folic Acid for Healthy Cells

Folic acid is not just something pregnant women take to carry ensure a healthy baby who is free of brain or spinal abnormalities. A member of the B vitamins, it is required for healthy new cells. To get enough folic acid you can pop a pill or use prenatals.

Foods with folic acid include:

  • Leafy green vegetables such as kale
  • All fruits and ripe berries
  • Peas
  • Nuts
  • Breads
  • Cereals
  • Grain
  • Beans


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