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Contagious in medical terminology means a disease or illness spread by either direct or indirect contact. Compare and contrast the word, infectious, the definition of which is communicable by infection. The latter does not necessarily have to mean the former.

Are skin tags contagious?

Tagging someone in the social media context commonly has desirable connotations. Skin tags, however, are quite the reverse, unwelcome to sufferers, frequently repulsive. The problem is that skin tags can, in appearance, resemble warts or other repugnant skin condition suggesting that skin tags are contagious particularly if they appear in multiples in the genital region.

Skin tags are a type of polyps, benign lumps on the epidermis connected to the deeper skin layers by a thin strand fed by blood vessels. They are neither contagious nor cancerous. They are mainly erased for cosmetic reasons or if they are sited in an awkward position that catches on garments.

What are the causes of skin tags?

Some skin tags such as those on young children can be generated by the Human Papillomavirus. Mostly they are not viral in derivation, the reason for their genesis remaining unclear. Because they are substantially harmless, scientific research has not focused its attention on skin tags.

Some predisposing factors have been noted however which, whilst not pointing to the actual causes of skin tags, indicates an increased probability of incidence. These characteristics include obesity and particularly type two diabetes mellitus which often accompanies overweight people. There is a definite link between insulin and skin tags. Age is another indicator and also pregnancy. Around half the population will develop a skin tag at some point in their lives. Type remedies for skin tags into Google and see the plethora available.

The upset and distress of skin tags

Most people can tolerate an isolated tiny skin tag but what if you have loads? Impossible to disguise with cosmetics like foundation or concealer, they sit proud of the skin’s surface and are mobile. If they lurk in the penile or vaginal area, they create the impression of the dreaded lurgy, some unpleasant sexually transmitted disease which is definitely catching. Even one skin tag on the face can make that person anxious and self-conscious.

DIY skin tag removal at home

The skin tag is fed by blood vessels through the small stalk from which it attaches. Skin tags seem ripe to just snip off with a pair of scissors. However, you can end up with a bloody mess, literally, if you don’t conduct the procedure properly. Sterilise the scissors or scalpel, clean the area of skin where the tag is using an antibac cleaner or even alcohol.

Pull the skin tag away until the stalk is clear and then slice it off as close to the skin’s surface as practicable. It will sting afterwards so numb the spot with an ice cube. Keep the area clean, drop on some anti-bacterial gel and then cover with a sterile dressing. Medical intervention may be required if you cannot detach all of the stalk, if you are unable to effectively staunch the bleeding or if the site subsequently becomes infected.

Is it definitely a skin tag?

Skin tags don’t ordinarily grow that sizeable. If you do have a vast skin tag, it may be something else. Check it out with your clinic who might conduct an investigative biopsy and allocate a code, i.e. icd10. Other likely contenders include warts, a skin cyst called an epidermoid cyst or a malign mass. These pictures illustrate skin tags, lone or in clusters for identification purposes.

Is there a medicine for skin tags?

There is no oral tablet or pill which will remove skin tags. However, there are medical procedures, prescription drugs and over the counter proprietary brands of skin tag medicines plus a wealth of herbal and home remedies to evict those pesky invaders.

Is there a best treatment for skin tag removal?

Skin tag removal depends on personal preference ultimately and how desperate you are to get rid of it. A healthcare professional can confirm the diagnosis if you are uncertain. Then it is just a question of picking any one of a magnitude of options. The best treatment for skin tag removal depends mostly on its positioning and desired rapidity of results.

A hard to reach tag on the back of your neck may necessitate self-treatment involving ointment or substance you can apply topically. Somewhere accessible may alter your decision or if you suffer from scores of tags.

Some home remedies for skin tags

It is hard to comprehend the infinite variety of home remedies for skin tags demonstrating just how prevailing skin tags are. Dip into folklore and use an orange, banana or piece of garlic from your kitchen larder. Sticking old banana peel to your face however may, understandable, not appeal. Highly conspicuous or delicate, intimate areas benefit from essential oils which progressively dry out and wither the tag without creating a visible wound or lesion. For reassurance, you may prefer to purchase branded proprietary therapies over the counter from esteemed pharmaceutical suppliers like CVS.



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