Anal Skin Tags & Warts – Causes and Best Removal Options for Genital Tags.

Whilst not deadly or harmful to comprehensive health, the sudden discovery of anal skin tags or warts can cause profound worry and concern for the individual. Potentially distasteful looking with the chance of causing discomfort and tenderness toward the anal area, anal warts and tags may actually be more common than you think – touching both men and women of fluctuating ages.

If speculating something’s wrong within your perianal or genital area, it’s crucial to visit a healthcare professional swiftly for examination. Whilst this article will provide key aspects and pictures regarding symptoms, treatments and appropriateness of home remedies, it’s always crucial to get checked out. But without further ado, keep reading for more education regarding these private skin ailments.

Anal Skin Tag Causes

The actual cause of skin tags in general remains unknown, yet many experts believe excess friction could be a large contributing factor. However, regarding anal skin tag causes in particular, the general consensus is they arise as a result of anal blood vessels suddenly swelling and expanding in size, then shrinking down again.

This abrupt reduction subsequently causes skin to potentially not shrink correspondingly with some looseness. This newly fashioned loose skin could then develop into an anal tag. Responsible anal vessel swelling could be caused by a vast array of differing reasons, including severe diarrhea, hemorrhoids, frequent heavy lifting, blood clotting and even pregnancy.

How to Get Rid of Anal Skin Tags

As mentioned, if noticing anything even remotely abnormal within your genital or anal areas, it’s crucial you chase expert help. If your skin tag is plainly small and not causing discomfort, irritated sensations or pain whatsoever, you may not even require removal. But if largely sized or if you simply wish to have it removed for cosmetic reasons, your doctor will likely refer you for minor surgical excision, laser therapy or liquid nitrogen freezing cryotherapy.

How to Remove Anal Skin Tags at Home

Whilst we’d love to say how to remove anal skin tags at home is a perfectly safe and reasonable practice to be researching, the fact is it’s simply not applicable to remove anal skin tags yourself. The complexity and sensitivity of the area renders it a pretty dangerous task, and if badly administered could undoubtedly skyrocket your risk of contracting a tough infection and cause profuse bleeding. The only method to definitively cure and remove an anal skin tag is to undergo professional treatment, otherwise you could generate severe harm.

Anal Warts Causes

Regardless of whether occurring on your anus, legs, hands or face, all warts have the same common origination – including anal warts causes. The human papillomavirus (HPV) is solely culpable for causing warts, with anal warts considered a sexually transmitted infection. Physical sexual contact with someone already possessing HPV is enough to spread warts, yet they’re not considered harmful and typically pose no distressing symptoms. In fact, many with anal warts don’t even realize they’re there!

Anal Warts Treatment

Provided the warts are small in size and localized to the perianal area, topically applying specialist cream should be enough to diminish their appearance. Many cases of anal warts do disappear on their own over time, but most individuals seek a quicker fix and aren’t willing to simply wait. If this is the case, many anal warts treatment ointments can be obtained from your local pharmacy. However, for diagnostic purposes it’s always recommended to visit your doctor to confirm you do indeed have anal warts and not something potentially more sinister.

Common topical treatments include names such as imiquimod and podophyllin, and can be carried out either in a clinic or by yourself independently. But with many topical anal wart creams having the potential to cause minor stinging sensations when applied, it’s generally safer to be overseen by a professional physician.

Anal Warts Removal

In many instances, specialized creams typically do the trick. Provided all instructions are meticulously observed and not deviated from, you should notice your anal warts beginning to disappear after a few applications. But if your warts aren’t seemingly responsive and you don’t feel topical treatments are working, anal warts removal could be a process worth pondering.

Cryotherapy is the most popular form of professional anal wart removal, in which a qualified doctor or healthcare practitioner will flash freeze the warts using a precise concentration of liquid nitrogen. Once frozen, they should fall off the skin within subsequent days. Recovery time is considered minimal as this isn’t an invasive procedure that requires anaesthetic. But if cryotherapy isn’t something you’re comfortable with and you’d prefer a faster result, surgical removal or even cauterization under local anesthetic could be best.

Anal Warts vs Anal Skin Tags

By reading up until now, it’s clear to see anal skin tags and anal warts have specific differences. Caused via totally contrasting reasons and possibly requiring different treatments dependent on their severity, anal warts vs anal skin tags isn’t a debate many people concern themselves with – simply because it can be difficult to differentiate between the two if unaware of what to specifically look for. This is why consulting your doctor is crucial to receive the best possible outcome.



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