Acne During Pregnancy in the Body: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments.

Pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster. You will feel you have embarked on a trip to Disneyland or some other amusement park because you will experience so many highs and lows in a twenty-four-hour period. One minute you will laugh hysterically and the next you will be sobbing. The first trimester is normally the most daunting. During the second trimester your moods even out. By the third trimester, you are again an emotional cripple. To make matters worse, you feel ugly. Your hands and feet are swollen, you feel clumsy and fat. Acne during pregnancy becomes the icing on the cake to an already miserable nine months.

Living With Acne During Pregnancy

In early pregnancy, people often comment and tell you that your face is glowing. However, as the hormones build in your body that radiant complexion quickly turns to a blemish riddled mess. On top of having pimples on your face, you also start to have body acne during pregnancy. Bumps spring up on your chest, shoulders, and back.

Treating Body Acne During Pregnancy

You are probably fighting a brave battle against the red horizontal strips of stretch marks that weave their way up and across your abdomen. Slathering on coconut and olive oil often eases stretched skin and prevents the torn and jagged scarring. However, besides the striae, you also have body acne.

Often taking a warm bath in apple cider vinegar or baking soda helps dry up the blemishes. At home, remedies abound but always discuss the holistic options with your obstetrician or gynecologist to ensure they are safe for the fetus in utero. Your ob/gyn might have a few treatment suggestions.

Acne and Pregnancy: A Common Complaint

It’s very difficult coping with the emotional ramifications acne, not to mention the mental anguish. Many well-wishers will tell you all kinds of old folktales about how a boy or girl decides if you have pimples during pregnancy. Some seniors will say you are carrying a baby girl if you have facial acne and a baby boy if you suffer body acne. Such legends are rarely true even though traditional midwives might still spout off about the legends of acne and pregnancy.

Is Acne a Sign of Pregnancy?

If you are not actively trying to conceive then you might wonder why you are having a non-stop breakout month. Many do not know that acne a sign of pregnancy is often the first glimpse that your body is changing and you are carrying a child. However, if you avidly monitor your ovulation each month because you are trying to conceive then you probably rejoice that you have acne because it means you are finally expecting.

Types of Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

With the hormones raging and your frustrations mounting you probably demand that your doc clear up your once pristine complexion. Your physician is probably telling you that acne treatment during pregnancy is not advisable unless you use a natural method to conquer the blemishes. You do not want to hear that acne is a normal symptom of pregnancy and you should just adjust.

Here are a few treatments:

  • Face masks: Use clay, avocado, charcoal, oatmeal, coconut, aloe vera, tomato juice, egg white, kefir, honey, whole milk, goat’s milk, yogurt, baking soda, or papaya to blend a yummy face mask that will nourish your skin and soul leaving you feeling beautiful and dazzling.
  • Creams: Blend up a banana, strawberries, kefir, acai berries, pomegranate, argan oil, and shea butter to smooth across your skin’s surface. This is also a wonderful all-over body treatment if you feel itchy and uncomfortable from your hormones spiking and your changing physical form.
  • Soap: Purchase a facial cleanser that has olive oil and turmeric to slather on your skin and body to combat breakouts without harming your fragile pregnancy skin.
  • Bath Potions: Epsom salt is a tried-and-true method for smoothing your skin and relaxing your aching body. If your feet and hands are swollen then the warm bath will relieve the swelling. In addition, it is wonderful easing pregnancy induced hemorrhoids. Your body deserves to be pampered, especially in your final trimester.

Citrus Fruit to Zap Zits

Squeeze a lemon, grapefruit or orange and apply the juice directly to your pimples. The alpha hydroxy acid in the citrus fruit instantly unclogs pores, prevents future breakouts, and dries up current zits.

Leave the juice on your skin for about ten minutes and then wash it away. You don’t want to leave it on longer or it could burn your delicate tissue.

Pregnancy Skin ‘Don’ts”

When you are pregnant your body is undergoing extreme changes. You want to be gentle on your skin and not overdo anything. Even though your skin might seem like it’s as oily as a teenager it is frail because of the spiking and ebbing hormones.

  • Do not overwash
  • Avoid scrubbing your skin’s surface too hard
  • Don’t use products made for teen acne which will overdry your skin and make the situation worse.
  • Never stay out in the sun too long because your skin responds to the UV light differently while pregnant (wear sunscreen always).



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